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June 17, 2020

Dear FPC Wellness Warriors,
In these uncertain times we continue to be challenged to be good stewards of our faith and our wellness.  I can think of no better example this week than the graduated seniors I heard speak on Sunday. Through scripture and mature insight, they shared wisdom so appropriate for our current times. I wanted to paraphrase some of their thoughts for this Wellness Wisdom as they had such mature, great advice and shine so much hope on the future.
Wellness truths from our graduates
“We have all felt physically alone during this time of Covid, but we are not alone. Through daily devotions, bible passages and self-care we can learn that we are not alone. Rely on each other and God, even in the darkest times he is always with us. “
“Our dark times and struggles push us to grow stronger and closer to God. Even when it feels hard, we must always search for light in the darkness, have hope and God will turn our dark days into blessings. Rely on your faith and prayer for comfort.”
“These difficult months won’t change the community of faith we have built over years. We are all one body in Christ. Rely on your church family for endless support through the highs and lows.”
“Quarantine can make your faith stronger. This time is a pause button on our busy lives. Take your anxieties to God. Trust in the Lord to help you through anxious times and that He will take your worries and guide you through them. Through this pandemic the Lord is with us and cares.”
“These uncertain times can lead to realizations that you can be grateful for. A love so amazing as God’s can change the world in the midst of chaos and a health crisis and will guide the lost through difficult times.”
Thank you to our graduates for their honestly and insight at this time. If you haven’t watched the Sunday drive in service and heard these amazing young adults speak about their gospel truths, take a few moments to watch them on YouTube.
As we continue on our important self-care journey here are a few resources to help with our mental health.
Please join us on Zoom…
Mental Health Check-in and Chat
Montgomery Co. Mobile Crisis Services returning by Zoom Monday June 22nd at 7pm
It has been a year since the death by suicide of our brother, friend, and fellow staff-member, Jeff Pinard. Mark Boorse and Jess Fenchel of Montgomery County Crisis Services, who were so helpful to us and our church not only on that weekend, but in the weeks afterwards, have agreed to come back and provide a space for us to support each other via Zoom.  These are uncertain times and with the anniversary of the loss of Jeff, as well as the unrest in the world, it is normal to have many feelings surface both old and new. We hope you will join us and these experienced counselors to talk or just listen. If you are interested in being included in the virtual meeting, please let Dawn know. Her email is [email protected] and she will send you the detail to join the group.
The Center for Loss and Bereavement is offering a weekly virtual support group program. This program will offer three different groups for healthcare workers, adults and children/teens. For more info and to register please reach out to Ashley Herr LPC, CT Center for Loss and Bereavement Therapist, 610-222-4110 x123, [email protected]
Health Ministry Business
Keep your eyes open! As we begin to talk about partial re-opening, we are in need of hand sanitizer and wipes. If you see some in a local store, feel free to email Dawn to let her know. If you find yourself with extra hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes we will happily accept donations until our suppliers restock!
Thermometers-we have purchased two infra-red non-touch forehead thermometers for the church. With work camp on the horizon we would like to have a total of 5. If you have a non-touch forehead thermometer we could borrow for workcamp July 13-17 we would be so grateful! Please reach out to Dawn.
I will end with a link to a short “Loving Kindness Meditation” that was sent to me. May all living things be healthy, peaceful and strong…
Wishing continued healthy blessings to the strong and supportive FPC family.
Dawn and your health ministry team