Senior High Seekers Senior High Seekers First Presbyterian Church - Pottstown, PA



WHAT is Sr. Seekers?

Senior Seekers is a group dedicated to finding moments of God in a busy world.  Senior Seekers meets twice a month to engage in fellowship, worship, conversation, service.   The Senior Seekers try to live out God's love to all and glorify God through our time together.

WHO are Sr. Seekers?

 Seekers are a group of funny, serious, excited, faithful, honest, open, accepting high school students and advisors.  It is a group of people building a community founded in love that emphasizes how wonderful our lives are in God's good world.


WHERE to find us?

You can find the Sr. Seekers every other Sunday .  Please check the Seeker calendar for directions and times to off-site events. 


Seeker Advisors  

 Gwen and Tim Allen, Don and Melinda Kisela, and Kim and Phil Wheeles


Seeker Annual Events


WORKCAMP = mission trip = amazing =life changing.

Every summer the Sr. Seekers take a trip to another state where they serve others with their bodies and their hearts. Work in the past has consisted of building new railings for porches, ripping down staircases,  scraping paint, and digging holes with jack hammers.  It has also consisted of painting old ladies nails and playing with children in their front yards. The work is often hot and tiring but we come back ready to go again. 

 Workcamp 2018: July 15-21 Lewes, DE