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Sermons For July 2017

  • 7/7/2017   True Freedom  Romans 6:12-23

    Past Sermons:

    True FreedomRomans 6:12-237/7/2017No AudioDownload
    Only a Temporary SeparationGenesis 21:8-21, Matthew 10:24-316/25/2017No AudioDownload
    God's FriendGenesis 18:1-7, Romans 46/18/2017No AudioDownload
    "Standing at the Threshold"John 14:1-145/14/2017No AudioDownload
    Postcard From Resurrection CityActs 2:37-47; John 10:1-105/7/2017No AudioDownload
    A Twinkle in the EyeLuke 24:13-354/30/2017No AudioDownload
    "Go, Make It As Secure As You Can"Matthew 27:62-66; Matthew 28:1-104/16/2017No AudioDownload
    HandsJohn 13:4/13/2017No AudioDownload
    Characters in Need of Resurrection: Joseph of ArimatheaMark 15:42-47; Mark 14:53-654/2/2017No AudioDownload
    Characters in Need of Resurrection: BarabbasLuke 23:18-25, Matthew 26:50-563/19/2017No AudioDownload
    Characters In Need of Resurrection: Pontius PilateMatthew 27:11-26; Isaiah 53:4-73/12/2017No AudioDownload
    Characters in Need of Resurrection: the devilMatthew 4:1-11, Genesis 2:5-17, 3:1-73/5/2017No AudioDownload
    Take My Hand...Exodus 24:12-18, Matthew 17:1-9, 2 Peter 1:16-182/26/2017No AudioDownload
    Choosing LifeDeuteronomy 30:15-20, Matthew 5:21-372/12/2017No AudioDownload
    What Does God Want From Us?Micah 6:1-8, Matthew 4:12-231/29/2017No AudioDownload
    We are Going to Do it AnywayI Corinthians 1:10--17, Matthew 5:1-121/22/2017No AudioDownload
    How Can I Keep From Singing?Psalm 40; John 1:29-421/15/2017No AudioDownload
    Answering the Right QuestionsMatthew 3:13-17; Isaiah 42:1-91/8/2017No AudioDownload
    A Knock at the DoorMatthew 1:18-25; Rev. 3:2012/18/2016No AudioDownload
    There Shall Come ForthIsaiah 11:1-10, Matthew 3:1-1212/4/2016No AudioDownload
    Walking in the LightIsaiah 2:2-5; Romans 13: 11-1411/27/2016No AudioDownload
    Questions of the Ages: How Do We Live in a Divided World?Amos 5:21-24; 2 Corinthians 5:16-2111/20/2016No AudioDownload
    Questions of the Ages: How Do We "Honor the Emperor" and Worship God?Romans 13:1-7; Psalm 14610/9/2016No AudioDownload
    Questions of the Ages: Who is Jesus?Mark 5:21-34; Colossians 1:15-209/25/2016No AudioDownload
    God's First ClassJeremiah 2:4-13, Luke 14:1, 7-148/28/2016No AudioDownload