Local Local First Presbyterian Church - Pottstown, PA

 Our mission in the community . . .66% of our mission funding supports programs and organizations in the Pottstown area, including:

The Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities  The Cluster represents over 60 congregations in the Pottstown area and distributes emergency food, clothing, rent assistance, and other services. The Cluster Outreach Center is located at 57 N. Franklin Street (610-970-5995). Volunteers collect, sort, or distribute food and clothing. To volunteer, contact the church office.

Community Meals   First Presbyterian Pottstown is the site of weekly community meals, offered free of charge to needy families in our community. Volunteers from our church cook and serve the meal on the second Thursday of each month at 5 p.m. If you would like to help, contact Doreen Duncan through the church office. Additional meals are served by other community churches and organizations.

Barth Elementary School   We partner with Barth Elementary School to provide educational support and enrichment to many children in this low income and transient neighborhood.

  • Book Busters - We provide books for children involved in book discussion groups, led by volunteers from our congregation.
  • Tutoring - Members of our congregation serve as tutors and mentors for children at risk. Persons interested in tutoring may contact Sharon Holloway through the church office.
  • After School Programs - We provide the supplies and salaries needed to sponsor programs in art, music, and physical education.
  • Peacemaker Award - Each year a fifth grade student, chosen by his peers, receives this award recognizing the qualities inherent in a "peacemaker."
  • Bulldog Club - At-risk boys are selected for this leadership development program.
  • Jobs Program - Students apply, interview, and are selected for employment around the school, and are paid with Barth Bucks.

"Camperships" for Kirkwood  Half or full scholarships are given to any child in the congregation who will attend summer camp at Kirkwood.

Earth Stewardship - Heeding God's call to tend and care for the earth, we engage in the following projects:

  • Fairly-Traded Coffee Project - Shade-grown coffee, tea, and chocolate products are available for purchase each week, and are served at congregational gatherings.
  • Recycling Project - Receptacles are provided for recycling cell phones, batteries, aluminum cans, printer cartridges, CFL lightbulbs, and paper,
  •  Vegetable Garden - Members from the congregation  plant,weed and harvest the garden. The produce is donated to the Cluster for distribution through its food pantry or used for Community Meals.
  • "Stylish" Reuseable Shopping Bags are available for purchase.

Habitat for Humanity   We are a covenant church supporting the Montgomery County Habitat for Humanity. First Presbyterian helped launch Habitat’s work in Pottstown.

We also provide support for various other projects and organizations including: The YWCA, Cub Scouts, JR Ross Associates Summer Camp, and the North Coventry Recycling Center.