International International First Presbyterian Church - Pottstown, PA

 Our international mission
23% of our mission funding supports programs and organizations around the world, including:

Lovemore Home The Presbyterian Outreach Foundation's ministry which educates street children in Harare, Zimbabwe.





   SNEHA  The Society for Nurture, Education, and Health Advancement is a ministry of the Medical Benevolence Foundation. SNEHA educates children of the "rag people" of India and has begun a women's sewing collective. A portion of our mission tithe from the Vision campaign has been sent to SNEHA to assist in their building program.

AIDS Ministry in Africa  We provide financial and prayer support to the House of Moses, a crisis nursery in Zambia.

Friends of Los Ninos  Through this organization, we support the orphanage Casa de la Esperanza in Tijuana, Mexico.

Living Waters for the World -  Members attend Clean Water U to learn to install water purification systems, and educate villagers in practices of health and hygiene related to clean water.

Jerusalem YMCA  Jewish and Palestinian children come together in ecumenical programs and child care centers.