Sunday School Sunday School First Presbyterian Church - Pottstown, PA

Forum Class (Community Room)  (No Sunday School Easter Morning)

In the Forum Class, we seek to "grow deeper in Christ to reach farther in love."  Sometimes we look at our faith roots through Bible studies or explorations of our Christian heritage.  Sometimes we look out into our community or the world, hearing from community leaders of those we support through our mission giving, or discussing ethical and community issues where our faith meets the needs and concerns of the world..

April 7- April 14: Neighbors and Mission Partners

April 7:  Marianne Lynch, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity

April 14: Porter Family Scholarship Recipients

Several years ago, our congregation and three other charitable recipients of a major bequest set up a scholarship fund at Montgomery County Community College.  Join us as we hear from this year's recipients about their plans and the impact of the scholarship on their lives. 

April 28: Beginning of a Five Part Series - The Apostle Paul: His Life, His Travels, and His Letters

Join Carter for a  multi-week exploration of the life and travels of the Apostle Paul with videos from some of the current sites of his visits. 


Women's Sunday Mornings  (Mary Ann Yost Room) 

On hiatus. 


 Men’s Sunday Mornings (Pastor’s Conference Room)

We are led by a team of teachers: Gary James, Tim Peckham, and Joe Costanzo

Topic: Hebrews